Purchase options transaction deadlines and costs associated with the purchase of real estate:
1. Object choice.
First the buyer must be clear, he should have clear answers to the questions: what he wants to buy it, or he is able to pay for it and how he operated his property for at least 5-10 years. If the operation of the facility provided for under the five-year period, the length, maybe not worth the buy, you can also rent. This will allow for a similar property without making a costly acquisition costs.
Your purchase choice takes time. Their money is spent and the time that is required for viewing and comparing objects. In some cases, it is necessary narrowly qualified professional advice on building structures or networks of technical condition, renovation measures kalkulēšanu (recommend not saving the o line).
Buyer is recommended to take your observation notes, summaries, so that after a while might refresh their memory of what he had seen in the previous facility. Over time, the impression of previously viewed sites noplūkst and previously highlighted nuances can forget.
In order to make the right decision at that time the buyer has surveyed about 10-15 objects. Minimum 8-10 objects. Then the buyer will be sufficiently familiar with the market and will be able itself to objectively assess the current situation. In this case, the margin of error is smaller. After half of the market situation may change.
Required Time spent can vary from three months to one year. In some cases, even a few years, if you want to find exactly what you can not build. Money spending market identification can range from 100 EUR to 1 000 EUR.
2. Transaction terms.
Transaction execution procedure can last from several days to several months. It depends on the procedure. Of whether the buyer has its own money, or need a loan with a credit institution. Of whether the seller is one or more co-owners, and whether they are achievable. It, or are arranged in all the property rights documents, the need for waivers or consent.
Normally, the contract constitutes a notary, from a few days to a week, depending on the lines of the existence of this service. Agreement may also be private. It is much cheaper. But notarized contract shall take precedence in the case of litigation.
Land Register recorded the new property law in two weeks, or even faster. In some cases, it is permissible month period.
When you receive a new license for your property, you are also a full and happy property owner.
From now on, no fruit which gives you the property you get also responsibilities.

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